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Who this document is for: people who need accessible and engaging content written about their projects or products. My strengths lie in wrapping complex concepts in a friendly and conversational tone. If that's what you need, please let's have a meeting. 🀝

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πŸ“ Present day: a quick round-up of my recent work

I have been writing about tech policy for five years now. The last three years have been freelance, which means I’ve had the opportunity to work with loads of different amazing clients including Careful Industries, Hattusia, and AWO.

I’ve worked closely with Hattusia to produce lots of different kinds of reports:

I was recently the communications consultant for data rights agency AWO. For them I devised a strategy consisting of a monthly newsletter on algorithm governance, an overhaul of website copy, and a new publishing pipeline for their blog and case studies. I also wrote comprehensive guidelines and templates (including a writing style guide) so that AWO team members would be more self-sufficient when writing about completed projects.

Throughout 2022 I also worked with Careful Industries to produce reports for their clients. This work has been extremely varied, spanning from briefings about the value of community technology, to reports on the history of taxonomies and classification, and how these biases still exist in data sets today.

In 2022 I consulted with Generative Engineering to devise a content strategy. They were building a platform which would enable people and communities to procedurally design & build critical infrastructure at a local level. I devised a content strategy that was novel, exciting, and would clearly explain what their product could do. This work only reached the proposal stage, because Generative have since been acquired.

Alix Dunn and The Relay: I've been supporting Alix Dunn with her content strategy for two years now. I have helped her clarify her ideas and edit copy for The Relay, her monthly newsletter on moral imagination and technology. Alongside producing this newsletter, I have also partnered with her to structure content strategy for her courses on facilitation.

In 2021 I edited a comprehensive report commissioned by Policy Link which outlines the ways in which Big Tech business practices further entrench racial inequity in the USA. This report presented a unique challenge: we sought to describe, in depth, all the facets of the β€˜Big Tech business model’ in a way that was accessible, and pair this with relevant policy recommendations.

In 2020, I consulted as a data strategist for Turn2Us, a charity who support those experiencing financial hardship. Most of Turn2Us’s services are digital, and at this time did not have any kind of data strategy or internal policies in place. I conducted external and internal interviews, synthesised the results, and wrote a report consisting of both short-term and long-term recommendations for an effective data strategy.

πŸ’Ό 2019 β†’ 2020: Working for Metomic

I worked full-time at Metomic as their content lead for just over a year. I wrote and maintained their blog (now archived due their pivot) and Medium publication. The idea with this blog was to breathe some life into subjects that are notoriously unsexy within tech establishments: data privacy, infosec, and regulations.

πŸ— Some of the key parts of my job at Metomic:

πŸ‘Ύ 2018 β†’ 2019: working with πŸ’― who produce apps & games

Before joining Metomic I worked on a game called Packs, with a small company called One Hundred Emoji Limited (πŸ’―). Packs is a cute and engaging pattern-matching game β€” and I wrote the tutorials and other in-game copy. I also handled the Twitter side of things with the help of their mascot, Bork.

πŸ€ΉπŸ»β€β™€οΈ All other years β†’ 2017: being freelance and stuff

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Alix Dunn: writer and facilitation expert.

Alice Thwaite: founder, Hattusia

Rachel Coldicutt: founder, Careful Industries

Rich Vibert: co-founder, Metomic